BMW Triple Turbo Diesel (N57S)

A One of the small, high-pressure turbo chargers with variable geometry creates boost during low engine revolutions
B The larger, low-pressure turbo is located on the bottom and joins in with the smaller turbo located directly above it during medium engine speeds
C When the engine gets higher in the rpm band, the final, small, high-pressure variable geometry turbocharger joins in with the other two
D The Diesel catalytic converter is located close to the engine to take advantage of its heat; the oxidation-type converter oxidises hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide using the oxygen present in the diesel exhaust
E The EGR cooler prepares exhaust gases for reintroduction into the combustion chamber, which limits NOx formation

The Ultimate Driving Machine is a Diesel
The only thing we don’t like about the new BMW N57S triple-turbocharged Diesel engine is that it’s not available in the United States. Although it hasn’t physically reached our shores, the idea of a high-performance diesel that can dominate its gasoline challengers in every measurable way has sent shockwaves through the spark-ignited performance community. After the 127hp/liter diesel bomb went off and the dust settled, some automotive journalists with affection for gasoline engines took offence to the diesel onslaught and tried to downplay its high performance numbers by complaining about its lack of noise and unfamiliar feel. Others, such as former Motor Trend editor Angus Mackenzie, get it. And he offered an opposing view, expressed in a 2011 article titled, “BMW’s Best Six Is…A Diesel.” Perhaps the only ones not shocked by this high-performing diesel are the editors and readers of Diesel Power, who welcomed the news as confirmation of something we already knew.

BMW M Performance Diesel
Engine type: All-aluminum 3.0L diesel I-6
Displacement: 3.0L (2,993 cc)
Bore x Stroke (in.): 3.30 x 3.54
Compression ratio: 16:1
Fuel Delivery: Common-rail direct injection (31,908 psi) (2200 bar for us Europeans)
Aspiration: Triple-turbocharged
Valvetrain: 24-valve DOHC
Mfg.’s hp at rpm: 381 at 4,000
Mfg.’s torque (lb-ft) at rpm: 546 at 2,000 (that's 740 N.m for us Europeans)


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